Website privacy concerns

Why do I need a privacy policy or cookie policy and consent plugin?

We have been spending a lot of time researching Privacy Policy regulations and their impact on website owners.

Fast-changing privacy regulations have far-reaching implications for nearly all websites. Privacy regulation began in Europe, but now many states have laws protecting the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of its citizens, and your business does not have to be physically located in one of these states to have the regulations apply to your website. If you do not include a Privacy Policy on your website, you could be subject to huge fines for non-compliance.

Because privacy laws are ever-changing, it is nearly impossible to keep up. The most affordable solution is to use an auto-updating policy so that when the laws change, so does your policy.

In relation to privacy, most websites also collect cookies and therefore require a Cookie Policy. Typical programs that collect cookies include Google Analytics, Google Fonts, Google Maps, embedded YouTube videos, Facebook feeds, PayPal and more.  If your website uses cookies, you may be legally required to get consent from the website visitor to put cookies on their computer; a Cookie Consent Tool may be a necessary addition to satisfy this requirement.

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