Adding content for improved SEO

Why should I add a blog section to my website?

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘content is king‘ when it comes to your website and SEO. What exactly does this mean?  It means that the number one factor that search engines use to categorize your website and rank it against the 2 billion other websites out there is the readable text on the pages of your site. Does it stand to reason then, that the more pages in your site, the better your SEO will be?  Well, sort of. While having more pages does increase your content, if done improperly, it could cloud your message and make it more difficult for your website visitors to learn about your services.

So, what is the solution?
The best, most effective way to add content to your website is to establish a blog and update it on a regular basis. The idea is that the new blog area of your site may contain articles, resources, tips, FAQ’s and other useful information. Often it will answer a question that your potential customers will ask in a Google search. These new pages of content are independently indexed by search engines and over time your site will improve its SEO results.

How can we help?

Dtown Web is now offering a monthly blog development service that is affordable, effective and requires minimal time on your part. The process is as follows:

  1. Dtown Web communicates with you for approval on suggested topics.
  2. Dtown Web researches and writes new post using targeted keywords, professional language and carefully selected imagery.
  3. New post is sent to you for approval prior to scheduled publish date.
  4. New post is published on your website at scheduled time.

We are excited to offer this excellent opportunity to increase traffic to your site and grow your business. Click the link below to request pricing information or ask any questions you may have.