What makes us tick?

Kelley M. Tracy
Founder, Doylestown Web Design

Doylestown Web Design creates professional, cost-efficient and mobile-friendly web sites that will help your company get found on the web. Whether you are just getting started, or need to re-evaluate and re-design your existing web site, choose Doylestown Web Design to get the job done expertly and efficiently.

The company’s founder, Kelley M. Tracy, has been involved in web site development since 1995… in other words, since the beginning!  Through those years, though, it’s been evident that the face of the internet is constantly changing. So, if your site was developed 10 years ago, 5 years ago, or even last year, be sure to consult a web professional to make sure your site is staying up with the changing technology.

Companies now are faced with the need to have their web site do much more for them than ever before. We can help you in all aspects of your web site needs, including:

  • Researching and selecting an appropriate domain name.
    Simple concept… but lots of choices… and more important than you might realize!
  • Designing and constructing your web site.
    From concept to layout, structure, design and final product, we are there every step of the way.
  • Mobile / Responsive web site design.
    We will design your site using responsive technology in which the web site adapts to all browser types and sizes.
  • WordPress web development.
    Need a little more control over your content and day-to-day changes of your web site’s pages?  Consider a redesign in WordPress.
  • Optimizing your web site for search engines (SEO).
    SEO is a constantly changing science. We’ll help you understand what can be done to improve your site’s organic placement in search engines.
  • Providing reliable hosting service.
    You can rely on Doylestown Web Design to provide uninterrupted and cost-effective hosting service for your web site.
  • Maintaining your web site once it is up and running.
    Inevitably you’ll need changes to your site. We are there for you if and when you need us. We strive to complete all updates within 24 hours.

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