Want more control over your content?

WordPress Content Management System

person typing on laptopDoylestown Web Design is a full-service web company… from start to finish and beyond, you can count on us to be your professional resource for all things web-related.  But we’ve noticed over the past few years that some companies like to have the option of making day-to-day updates on their own, rather than consulting us for every little change.  Enter… WordPress, a powerful and popular Content Management System (CMS) that allows the assignment of different levels of administrative access for any number of authorized users.

There may be other reasons why it makes sense to use WordPress to design your site.  A few examples:

  • Kosola Productions, a photography company, needed us to produce a “wedding cost calculator” so that a bride / groom can estimate the cost of their wedding package, prior to committing to using their services. View it in action.
  • Windmill Day Camp, a local preschool and summer camp provider, wanted to showcase drone footage of their awesome property, and they also wanted to add a “countdown” to Summer Camp!  View it in action.
  • McCloskey Partners, a human resources company, needed a solution where they could post full-time and part-time jobs along with complete job descriptions.  WordPress made the management of that task very simple. View it in action.
  • Jarrettown United Methodist Church has a busy schedule of daily activities, and they simply wanted a web site where they would have access to make day to day changes as needed.  View it in action.

Give us a call today to discuss whether or not it makes sense to convert your web site over to the WordPress platform.